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05 May 2007 @ 05:38 pm
time on the map: the first meeting, gasp!
rating: ...tba. PG-16 for Reno's mouth. That dirty boy. >':

The redhead sighed, walking into the coffeeshop as he ventured through the city. He knew full well he probably should have told his brother he was going out, but he was a grown sixteen year old, perfectly capable of doing his own things. It was morning, of course, and naturally the Ouran attendee was tired. The only thing that came to his mind was coffee.

He sighed a little, getting in line as he looked up at the options. Caramel? No... Vanilla? ...nah. ...Mocha! Sounds better than Vanilla. That's too plain. ...maybe I'll get an extra shot... He tapped an index finger on his chin, walking forward to take his order. He politely placed the said order, paying in full and waiting until his name was called. He sat in a seat near the window, chin in palm as he drummed fingers on the table, waiting until he could hear his name being called.

The city was always a boring place, Kaoru figured, sighing and wondering just where he would go after he drank his boost for the morning.
Current Location: coffeeshop!
Current Music: discotech ;; young love.
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