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05 May 2007 @ 05:38 pm
✖stepping out tonight.  
time on the map: the first meeting, gasp!
rating: ...tba. PG-16 for Reno's mouth. That dirty boy. >':

The redhead sighed, walking into the coffeeshop as he ventured through the city. He knew full well he probably should have told his brother he was going out, but he was a grown sixteen year old, perfectly capable of doing his own things. It was morning, of course, and naturally the Ouran attendee was tired. The only thing that came to his mind was coffee.

He sighed a little, getting in line as he looked up at the options. Caramel? No... Vanilla? ...nah. ...Mocha! Sounds better than Vanilla. That's too plain. ...maybe I'll get an extra shot... He tapped an index finger on his chin, walking forward to take his order. He politely placed the said order, paying in full and waiting until his name was called. He sat in a seat near the window, chin in palm as he drummed fingers on the table, waiting until he could hear his name being called.

The city was always a boring place, Kaoru figured, sighing and wondering just where he would go after he drank his boost for the morning.
Current Location: coffeeshop!
Current Music: discotech ;; young love.
redhotrod007 on May 6th, 2007 03:36 am (UTC)
Why the hell do I get paid to do shit like this... Reno asked himself as he pushed open the door to the coffee shop and was assaulted with the smell of coffee beans, cinammon, and all things sweet. Quite the opposite of the smoke-infested bars with spilt alcohol on the counters and Lord knows what else in the room that he usually frequented in the evenings.

But when Rufus wanted his coffee, Rufus wanted his goddamn coffee, and Reno was the only one that happened to be conveniently close enough to go and get something. His only revenge may be the fact that he'd already forgotten whatever the hell it was the President had requested and would hence order something so awfully caloric or dusgusting that he himself wouldn't even want to drink it.

Expecting it to be filled with a bunch of artists typing up poetry on their laptops and normal boring office-oriented frequenters, he was quite surprised when something colorful caught the corner of his eye near the window.

Huh...looked like a younger guy. He was kinda cute, actually.

Smirking more to himself than anyone else, the ShinRa employee headed towards the counter, rapped on it with his knuckles and grinned at the barista, placing an order in his typical drawl acquired from the slums. His eyes kept flicking back towards the boy sitting near the window though...
fragrantily on May 6th, 2007 03:47 am (UTC)
The male sighed, finding the passing of cars down the streets to be uninteresting after a while. He looked back over, waiting any minute to hear an order for 'Kaoru'. He didn't have anywhere to go, so he ordered just to drink there. By his lonesome, unfortunately. I can function perfectly normally without anyone else around. Though it is...lonely. He sighed again, looking at the table while he waited patiently.

He had a feeling...someone was looking at him. He knew that feeling, for he usually felt it when he was participating in the Forbidden Brotherly Love Act for the Host Club, with his identical twin Hikaru. The feeling of breathless girls staring at him was familiar, yet...

When he looked up, his own eyes caught the attention of another redhead. He blushed lightly, looking away immediately as to not be rude. He heard his name being called out, said name written on the cup as he was placed on a counter. The boy blinked his eyes, getting up out of his seat as he went to go get his order.

"Thank you," he politely whispered, smiling in thanks as he took it and it's straw. He glanced over at the other male, then quickly went back to his seat by the window. Alright, no staring. That's just plain rude. You're...just...bored. Yep. Bored. He's the only other redhead in here and you're bored. That's all! A sigh and he finally put the straw in his drink, crossing a leg over as he sat down, and avoided looking at the older male in the coffeshop.